The Academy for Excellence in Teaching was established in November of 2006. Our Founding membership was comprised of 44 Distinguished Medical Educators. The collective currently consists of 102 faculty. Lillian Nanney, Ph.D. serves as the Director. The Academy provides a forum to foster higher levels of participation and promote excellence and scholarship in the delivery of education to health professionals.

The Academy is a collective of outstanding faculty educators in the School of Medicine who are highly engaged in the educational mission. Each strives to have a significant impact on educational endeavors in diverse settings with a variety of learners.

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Congratulations to the Sept. 22, 2014 Health Professions Education Research Day 1st Place Poster Winners!

Jennifer Green, MD, MPH, Bill Cutrer, MD, M.Ed, Mike Fowler, MD, Cathy Pettepher, PhD, Kim Lomis, MD