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August 2016

Congratulations to the lab for being awarded our first NIH grant!

The NIH-MIRA R35 (RFA-GM-16-003) grant is entitled: Deciphering post-transcriptional gene regulatory networks in cellular stress and innate immunity.

The grant will allow us to pursue the following major biological questions:

1)How do RNA-binding proteins regulate gene expression of their targets during an innate immune response?

2)What is the nature and impact of RNA methylation on mRNAs upon interferon/cGAMP stimulation? And how do such changes affect RBP assembly and function?

3) How are the genomes of RNA viruses deployed during the early stages of infection, and what host- or viral-encoded RNA-binding proteins facilitate this process?

4) What are the regulatory co-factors required for the activating or repressing cGAS-STING signaling? and can we identify small molecule compounds for the development of experimental probes and pre-therapeutic scaffolds?