Impact Phase

IMPACT (Intensive Mentoring Program for Advancement and Career Training) is required of first-year PhD students in the basic biomedical sciences. 

This year-long program matches new students with a faculty mentor in a group setting with 8-10 of their peers.  IMPACT sessions occur each week and, through mentor-led group discussion, expose trainees to various topics on professionalism in science and give them the necessary tools to begin establishing their scientific careers. 

For Ph.D. students, the ASPIRE program begins in IMPACT, as IMPACT mentors lead discussions about the following topics:

   Becoming a Research               Scholar                Professional Skills                                 Career                     Development                 
Understanding University and academic program structure Professionalism Developing a CV and biosketch
Core competencies for success in graduate school and research Time management and balancing competing demands

Vanderbilt resources 

Funding Primer:  Understanding the NIH and research funding Communication Strategies for managing conflict

Strategies for career planning in graduate school

Publication and authorship ethics in the biomedical sciences Mentoring Relationships Introduction to careers in Science
  Effective Oral Communication and Presentation Skills Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP)


Although IMPACT is specifically for Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows can request individual appointments or workshops to discuss these topics.  In addition, a twice monthly Postdoctoral ASPIRE café will be held expressly to introduce postdoctoral fellows to career planning and Vanderbilt University resources.

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