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Afternoon Policies & Procedures – 1220 MRB III


Afternoon, evening and weekend scheduling of 1220 MRBIII is managed by the Office of the Dean of Basic Sciences.

Please NOTE: SOM-VBS reserves the right to cancel usage of 1220 MRBIII Lecture Hall should a need arise. In the event this occurs, you will be notified as soon as possible.

1220 MRBIII can be reserved during the following hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays – 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursdays – 12:15 PM – 6:00 PM
Weekend and evening scheduling – Special permission is needed. Please e-mail your specific request to:

To schedule 1220 MRBIII, AFTERNOONS ONLY, view the 1220 MRBIII availability here (need URL). To make reservations complete the room Reservation Form

A COA, POET or VUMC center number will be required on the reservation form to cover costs if extra cleaning services are required or if damages to the room or equipment, occurs.

Contact information concerning immediate help for damage to the room, building, emergencies, and non-emergencies, or any other issues that may arise, please click here. *This information is also posted in the 1220 Lecture Hall.

Alcohol: In accordance with Vanderbilt University policy, specific written approval to serve alcoholic beverages in MRBIII must be obtained, and a faculty member designated to assume responsibility, prior to the scheduling of an event. Attach a completed Alcohol Usage form with the Reservation form.

Smoking/Vaping: Is not allowed anywhere in MRBIII in accordance with the Vanderbilt University Smoking Policy.

Vendor Displays: Written approval from the dean to display any type of equipment, products, or vendor literature, including vendor presentations, must be obtained prior to scheduling 1220MRBIII. Please click here for more details.


  • All requests for room 1220 MRBIII must be approved in advance.
  • Electronic Room Reservation Form can be found here.
  • A Room Confirmation Report will be returned to the person making the reservation.
  • IMPORTANT: Read the Confirmation Report carefully! Any changes to the original request will be noted and an e-mail will be sent to the contact person.  This e-mail will supersede the original request.