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Barista – WordPress Transition Notes

​The transition from the Barista website platform to WordPress is underway. Vanderbilt’s Digital Strategies group is in the process of migrating Basic Sciences department and center websites. They will go live with all of the sites on Monday, October 29, 2018. You will not be able to access your Barista site after Friday, October 26.

We highly recommend that your website manager compares the old (Barista) and new (WordPress) sites and work with Digital Strategies to resolve all website migration issues before your new WordPress site goes live. Once the WordPress site is approved, the old (Barista) URL will redirect to your new (WordPress) web address.

We are aware of several issues:

1. Themes. The Basic Sciences lab and department site “themes” cannnot be changed. However, you can modify the header graphic and the footer links. Open a Digital Strategies Help Desk ticket to request help to make these changes.

2. Headers. Open a Help Desk Ticket for assistance in creating visually attractive headers for departmental sites.

A nice example of a visually appealing header is at:

3. Graphics. Some graphics don’t migrate properly due to pixel size or aspect ratio (width-height relationship). The preferred image sizes are:

Standard Width: 800 x 400 pixels
Full Width: 1100 x 400 pixels
Edge-to-Edge: 2600 x 500 pixels

To resolve this issue, resize the images, and manually upload them to the WordPress site.

4. Members. “Members” pages may display people in non-alphabetical order. This should be resolved by now. If not, request Digital Strategies support to reorder the lab members.

5. Pub Import. Publications may not migrate properly or are displayed in a non-chronological order. Please request Digital Strategies support to correct this.

Digital Strategies created a tool to automatically import PubMed articles. You can search on an article title, PMID, or author name (e.g., Weaver CD). Author name searches will display all articles associated with that author. View the PubMed import tutorial (VU Net ID required).

6. User Privileges. If you don’t see “Appearance” in your Dashboard menu, you only have editing privileges. Ask your content manager or Digital Services to upgrade your user profile to “Administrator”.

7. Sidebars. To add a sidebar/widget to a specific page (not the home page or “All pages except the home page” which are current options), you will need to request Digital Strategies to enable that feature for your site.

WordPress Training & Support

WordPress Basics

WordPress Online Tutorials
Online tutorials are available here:

WordPress One-On-One Training
In-person training is available Monday and Friday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at Loews Vanderbilt, Suite 1100. Schedule your training here:

Digital Strategies Help Desk
Open a help desk ticket here to interact with a WordPress support person here:

Other Questions
Contact Stephen Doster

Tips & Cheat Sheet

Click here to view a PDF of tips and “how to” advice for using WordPress. This document is a work in progress!

WUG Online Chat

If you would like to join an online question & answer and “how to” chat group to discuss using Wordpress,

Go to to sign up, or contact Kate Stuart.