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COVID-19 Lab Supplies Deliveries

In light of the mayor’s stay-at-home directive we have had to accelerate our plan to transition to the next phase of our deliveries receipt system.

The current system with package delivery stations at 1220 MRBIII and LH618 will continue only through Monday, March 23. If you are contacted on Monday about a package having arrived for your lab, please make every effort to claim it before 3 PM.

Starting on Tuesday, March 24, deliveries will be made to the door of the lab indicated on the package. Our delivery agents are being instructed that they can leave the packages at the lab doors without a signature. It will be up to you to check for and secure any packages delivered under this system. All pallet deliveries will be left in the basement corridor inside from the loading dock. Unless there is a compelling reason to do so, I encourage you to assume that your package will be safe and sound at the door of your lab until the stay-at-home policy is lifted.

Instructions for AL Compressed Gases Deliveries (Updated April 1)

AL Gas has partnered with us to now offer a 4-hour delivery window for all your compressed gases orders (e.g., liquid nitrogen, CO2 and etc.). The 4-hour windows will be either an AM delivery (8:00 AM – 12:00 PM) or a PM delivery (12:00 PM – 4:00 PM). Going forward, please be sure to add the following information in the “Note to Supplier” section of the requisition to insure your deliveries are scheduled properly.

  • Date of delivery
  • Desired 4-hour window (AM or PM)
  • Your cell phone number

*Note: If your delivery is for an UNLOCKED room (i.e., equipment corridor or shared space), you are not required to be present. Instead of including your desired 4-hour window (2nd bullet point), please include the following statement: “Delivery is for unlocked space”.

Please remember, AL Compressed Gases is a small company which has only two delivery people for the entire campus. They are doing their best to continue with supplying us with these essential consumables even during a time of crisis when they have staff out of the office. Including your cell phone number on the requisition will allow them to call you if they cannot make the delivery window or if you happen to have stepped out of the lab when they come by. Additionally, you can always call the AL Gas office if a problem arises at 615-254-1457.