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VU SOM Estimate, Repair and Renovation Request


Estimate, Repair and Renovation Requests
Process Update – Effective 09/28/16 (update 02/20/17)

Contact Information:

Responsible Landlord for work to be completed*:

  • If work is to be done in a VUMC building (i.e., MCN, MRB4, Light Hall, RRB or
    PRB), then VUMC Facilities Management is responsible.
  • If work is to be done in a VU building (i.e., MRB3 or Learned Lab), then                           
    VU Plant Operations is responsible.

*Note: There are no restrictions on what type of work can be requested from the Landlord, including freezer, autoclave or cold room repairs.

Process for VU SOM personnel to request work to be done by VU or VUMC:

  • Emergencies or “Building Charge” Repairs:
    • These requests are called in by VU SOM staff directly to the Landlord and are typically completed at *NO COST to you.
    • Examples of these are water leaks, temperature issues, electrical outlets not working or light bulbs are out.

*Note: If an emergency call is placed for a repair on a piece of “moveable equipment”, labs may incur a charge. Examples of moveable equipment are cold rooms, autoclaves and freezers. The tenant who owns the equipment or who is assigned the cold room in the annual Space Survey are the responsible party for any charges incurred. Labs may also contract outside vendors to do work or provide service contracts for tenant-owned moveable equipment like autoclaves or freezers.

  • Estimates, Repairs and Minor Renovation Requests
    • Anthony Tharp will serve as a single point of contact for all VU SOM.
    • An online submission form is available ( for placing all requests. These instructions and links for placing online requests will also be accessible on the Dean of Basic Sciences website.
  • Personnel will contact him for all VU/VUMC requests. He will:
    • Determine the scope of the project,
    • Place all requests for you online and
    • Follow up with VU or VUMC to ensure work is completed in a timely manner.

*Note: For personnel occupying VUMC buildings, Facilities Management will no longer provide an estimate for repairing autoclaves and dishwashers. These repairs have to be placed as work orders with the intent of you incurring the charge it will take to get the equipment running again. Estimates will still be provided for other moveable equipment such as -80 freezers.

  • Major or Capital Renovations:
    • A process for obtaining approval for major or capital renovations is currently under development and will be shared as soon as it is finalized.
    • Faculty requesting major renovations should discuss their needs with their Chair who will forward a request for approval to the Dean of Basic Sciences.
    • Additional details of the process will be provided as soon as they are available.


  • Do I have to go through Anthony Tharp to place a billable work order?
    • There is nothing preventing you from placing a work order online. However, Anthony will be tracking work requests and working with Plant Operations and Facilities Management to ensure work is getting completed appropriately.
    • In addition, all VU billable requests going through the VUMC system are stopped until VU confirms that the charge is appropriate and that funds are available to cover the expense. Anthony will be working with VUMC and the VU SOM to ensure all requests are approved in a timely manner.
  • If I am moving from a VU building to a VUMC building, or vice versa, who will help me?
    • If you are moving from a VU building, then VU as Landlord will be responsible for all Plant Operations work required to prepare for the move and for assisting with moving items to the VUMC building.
    • For example, a lab is relocating from MRB3 to MCN and they have a biosafety cabinet to move. VU Plant Operations will be responsible for disconnecting the BSC from the plumbing and their staff can move the BSC to MCN. VUMC will then be responsible for connecting the BSC to plumbing in MCN.

Download/print a PDF of this page: VU SOM – Estimate & WO Process_022017.pdf