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VU SOM Linen Service for Lab Coat Cleaning

Shared Hospital Services Corporations (SHSC) Linen Services Process Vanderbilt School of Medicine Basic Sciences (VBS) Lab Coat Cleaning


Contact Information for Shared Hospital Services Corporation’s contact information

  • Scott Hall, Linen Information Coordinator,,                                      office 615.242.5951, cell 615.724.3957


Process for requesting lab coat cleaning from SHSC

  • Labs will place a blanket PO through SkyVU Oracle for cleaning lab coats throughout the year:
    • It is recommended, if you prefer, to do a blanket for 2 fiscal years
    • You cannot use a restricted center
    • Please estimate somewhere around $5 – $6 per coat and put the amount you expect to spend over the year (or two) on the PO
    • Billing is done per pound so the actual cost per coat will depend on the weight of the cloth
  • Request access to U3202 MRB3, the location for pick-ups & drop-offs:
    • The room and is locked 24/7 by a card swipe lock
    • You will need to go to the link below and place a Door Access Request so that your badge can be activated to unlock room
    • Please do this several days in advance of you dropping off linens so that the Card Office has time to process your request.
  • Process for dropping linens off in U3202:
    • In the back right corner of room, there is a gray bin which is used to deposit dirty linens and paperwork to fill out
      • Product Log
        • Fill out a product log to fill out the information regarding the items including your billing COA or unrestricted POET, contact & any other information requested
        • Take the top white copy for your records
        • Place the bottom three copies in the bag with your lab coats
      • Valet Ticket
        • Fill out a valet ticket and be sure to add your contact information
        • Use the safety pins and attach one valet ticket per coat. If you do not do this, SHSC could misplace your lab coat or it could be swapped with another lab’s linens fairly easily since these are washed in batches
        • Take the top copy and place the bottom copy in the bag with your soiled linens
        • Tie knot in linen bag and place it in the large gray bin
  • SHSC’s process for pick-ups and drop-offs:
    • Tuesday is the weekly pick-up/drop-off day
    • You must notify SHSC when your pick-up is ready
    • Notification must be made by 10:00am on Mondayif you want the linens picked up on Tuesday
    • Scott Hall should be the first contact attempt. If you receive an out-of-office reply via email or if his voicemail says he is out-of-the-office, then contact his backup coordinator
    • SHSC willdrop-off your clean lab coats in U3202 MRB3 the following Tuesday.
  • Viewing your SHSC charges online
    • If you would like to view your linen charges online, you can setup an account via SHSC’s online system
    • Please contact Scott Hall for information
  • Help with questions or getting problems resolved
    • Questions: Please contact Hastings Benitone, Program Coordinator in the VBS Dean’s Office, 615.322.4309;
    • Problems: Please contact Scott Hall to work out any problems with your account or service. If you are not satisfied with the resolution or if a resolution is taking a lot of time and effort, then please contact Hastings Benitone and she will escalate the issue directly with SHSC for you


Information for Purchasing a Lab Coat and Adding Logos