The Tools of Discovery

HTS_2_rotating_image.jpgBiomedical discovery is propelled by state-of-the-art technology as provided by the exceptional core facilities and shared resources available in the Vanderbilt Basic Sciences. For example, our Mass Spectrometry Research Center is second to none, rendering a full range of instrumentation in addition to comprehensive proteomics analysis and tissue imaging services. The Institute of Chemical Biology’s Synthesis and High-Throughput Screening Cores provide industry-quality technology required for drug discovery. Our Center for Structural Biology possesses all the tools needed to explore the three-dimensional structures of complex macromolecules both experimentally and computationally.

The Brain Institute provides multiple animal models for the study of behavior as well as the means to dissect the biochemical changes underlying that behavior. These are just some of the technology and services available through the Basic Sciences shared facilities, and Basic Sciences researchers can also exploit the vast resources available at Vanderbilt’s School of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering, and Medical Center.