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Sun, Apr 3 at 12:00pm and 3:00pm

Location: Third Man Records, 623 7th Ave South | Click here to see map

Tickets: $10 / $8 Belcourt Members | BUY TICKETS to 12:00pm screening | BUY TICKETS to 3:00pm screening

Dir. Ciro Guerra, Columbia, 2016, NR, 122min, Digital

Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film, 2016 Academy Awards

At once blistering and poetic, the ravages of colonialism cast a dark shadow over the South American landscape in EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, the third feature by Ciro Guerra. Filmed in stunning black-and-white, SERPENT centers on Karamakate, an Amazonian shaman and the last survivor of his people, and the two scientists who, over the course of 40 years, build a friendship with him. The film was inspired by the real-life journals of two explorers (Theodor Koch-Grünberg and Richard Evans Schultes) who traveled through the Colombian Amazon during the last century in search of the sacred and difficult-to-find psychedelic Yakruna plant. View Trailer.

"EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT is simply a work of art, and one of the most singular cinematic experiences you could hope to have in Cannes, or anywhere really. It's an absorbing, even thrilling head trip. It is a Heart-of-Darkness voyage of discovery. It is a lament for all the lost plants and peoples of the world." —Jessica Kiang,THE PLAYLIST


Post-film speaker (at 12pm screening):

Paul Gresch speaks on "75 Years of Hallucinogen Research: What a Long Strange Trip It's Been"

Paul J Gresch, Ph.D. is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University. Trained as a neuropharmacologist, his research has focused on the signaling mechanisms of serotonin receptors including understanding the specific brain regions and neurotransmitters involved in the unique properties of hallucinogenic drugs.  Dr. Gresch is currently the Director of the Bioanalytical Laboratory for the Conte Center for Neuroscience Research at Vanderbilt, which seeks to understand how early brain development shapes the serotonin system and how disruptions during development can impact such disorders as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and autism.

Paul Gresch will also introduce the 3pm screening.