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Ken Catania on weird brains: zombie cockroaches, electric eels and star-nosed moles

Watch Prof. Catania himself talk about the sensory feats of star-nosed moles and the hunting skills of tentacled water snakes:

Learn with Prof. Catania how electric eels use their muscles as a taser to hunt other fish:

Watch Prof. Catania let an electric eel shock his arm in the name of science:

Prof. Catania’s latest interest is how jewel wasps turn cockroaches into zombies that can be walked on a leash – or rather, pulled by their antenna, then dragged to a burial ground where the wasp turns the coackroach into, ahn, food for its babies.

WARNING: videos below contain graphic images of Real Nature.

BUT: cockroaches do fight back – and with a karate kick, no less!