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Neuroscience Graduate Program

Progress in improving brain health and quality of life is driven by and inextricably linked to advances in our understanding of nervous system structure and function. The distinguished training faculty of the VBI Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) stem from diverse fields such as Psychology, Biochemistry, Molecular Physiology, and Pharmacology and capture the multidisciplinary nature of modern neurobiological inquiry.

The NGP prepares every student to make significant contributions in neuroscience and fosters development from trainee to independent research scientist and educator by combining rigorous course work and sound training in the fundamentals of neuroscience, including the integrated study of nervous system function and disease, with opportunities for state-of-the-art research. Students have the option to emphasize either Cellular & Molecular or Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience, preparing each trainee for a future in which neuroscientists must be able to navigate from molecules to cells to neural systems and behavior.