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Graduate Neuroscience Courses

Excerpted from the 2015/2016 Graduate School Catalog.  Details for these courses can also be found in the Student Handbook – Course Details

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NURO 8302. Techniques and Preparations
NURO 8320. Neuroscience Research Forum
NURO 8324. Advanced Neurophysiology
NURO 8325. Neuroscience Discussions
NURO 8327. Graduate Neuroanatomy
NURO 8330. Cognitive Neuroscience
NURO 8331. Mammalian Developmental Neurobiology
NURO 8332. Experimental Statistics Short Course
NURO 8340. Systems Neuroscience
NURO 8342. Seminar in the Neurobiology of Hearing and Multisensory Processes
NURO 8345. Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
NURO 8346. Advanced Molecular Neurobiology
NURO 8347. The Visual System
NURO 8350. Independent Study
NURO 8352. Seminar in Neuroscience
NURO 8365. Neurobiology of Disease
NURO 8999. Non-Candidate Research
NURO 9999. Ph.D. Dissertation Research


Graduate Courses Outside the Neuroscience Graduate Program

Excerpted from the 2014/2015 Graduate School Catalog.  Details of these courses can also be found in the Student Handbook – Course Details

The Neuroscience Graduate Program realizes that the interests of its students are diverse. While the Program offers many neuroscience-based course options, it cannot possibly cover all the interests of skill-sets that a student might wish to pursue in her/his graduate studies. Therefore, the elective choices are quite broad and extend into other programs and departments. Below is a list of the approved courses offered outside the program which may be taken to strengthen the student’s graduate training. This list is not all-inclusive, but rather just the most commonly taken options. The program offers great flexibility, and students should discuss their individual needs with the DGS for any course outside those listed below.

IGP 8300A. Bioregulation I
IGP 8300B. Bioregulation II
IGP 8303. Responsible Conduct in Research
IGP 8310. MSTP Seminar Series
BCHM-GS 8336 Biochemical Toxicology and Carcinogenesis
BSCI 3230. Biological Clocks
BSCI 3240. Developmental Biology
BSCI 3252. Cellular Neurobiology
BSCI 8354. Neurobiology of Behavior
BSCI 3256. Molecules of the Brain
BME 8253. Neuromuscular Mechanics and Physiology
BME 4400. Foundations of Medical Imaging
BME 8331. Neuroimaging
BIOS 8301. Introduction to Statistical Computing
BIOS 8311. Principles of Modern Biostatistics
BIOS 8311L. Principles of Modern Biostatistics Lab
BIOS 8312. Modern Regression Analysis
BIOS 8312L. Modern Regression Analysis Lab
CBIO-GS 8310. Cell Biology
CBIO-GS 8312. Introduction to Developmental Biology
CBIO-GS 8349. Genetics of Model Organisms
EECE 8357. Advanced Image Processing
HRSP 8206. Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms
HRSP 8300. Neurology of Speech and Language
HRSP 8334. Seminar in Neurogenic Communication Disorders
HGEN 8340. Human Genetics I. HGEN 341. Human genetics II
PHAR-GS 8320. Targets, Systems, and Drug Action
PHAR-GS 8324. Receptor Theory and Signal Transduction
PSY 8301a. Advanced General Psychology
PSY 8304b. Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design
PSY 8310. Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
PSY 8316. Brain Imaging Methods
PSY 8344. Seminar: Neuroscience
PSY 8354. Clinical Neuropsychology
PSY-GS 8311. Experimental Design
PSY-GS 8350. Human Learning
PSY-GS 8352. Human Cognition
SPED 3017. Experimental Analysis of Behavior