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The VBI talks to you

What kinds of brain research do we do at the VBI?
Find out directly from our faculty in the short videos below!

Neuroscience researchers strive to constantly communicate their achievements to their peers. Intense communication is the only way to keep networks of dedicated researchers up to date so that efforts are not unnecessarily duplicated, and new results are swiftly incorporated to inform research. Announcements of specialist lectures for the neuroscience research community are posted under Neuroscience Talks on Campus.

But communicating neuroscience achievements to the public is an equally important venture that improves quality of lifeempowers individual decisions and foments the public support to the scientific community that keeps it well funded and alive. Here you can see some of the many ways VBI faculty are engaged in reaching out to the public.

Research on Alzheimer’s Disease at the VBI

Erin Calipari: decision-making and addiction

Bruce Carter: peripheral nervous system

Ken Catania: taser electric eels and zombifying jewel wasps

Laurie Cutting: educational neuroscience

Ron Emeson: the importance of animal research

Suzana Herculano-Houzel: what brains are made of, and what does it matter

Steve Hollon: depression

Rebecca Ihrie: stem cells and brain tumors

Owen Jones: neuroscience and law

Jon Kaas: evolution of primate brains

René Marois: legal decision-making

Lisa Monteggia: molecular psychiatry of antidepressants, Rett syndrome

Cody Siciliano: individual variation in decision-making

Mark Wallace: Multisensory integration and autism