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Suzana Herculano-Houzel: What different brains are made of, and what does that matter?

How did humans come to have the most cortical neurons of any species, without being special? Cooking is the answer:

How did the human brain come to have the most cortical neurons of them all? Prof. Herculano-Houzel explains:

Watch Prof. Herculano-Houzel explain how tiny bird brains can have as many neurons as primate brains:

Prof. Herculano-Houzel on how the more neurons a warm-blooded animal has in its cortex, the longer it lives:

Who has more cortical neurons, dogs or cats?


“Bird brain” is actually a compliment: Bird brains have many more neurons than you would expect

Listen to Prof. Herculano-Houzel’s conversation with then Chancellor Zeppos, for The Zeppos Report:

Watch Prof. Herculano-Houzel speak at TEDxNashville on Why we have to go to school – really?

Watch Prof. Herculano-Houzel’s talk at TEDGlobal 2013: What is so special about the human brain?