About the Facilitators

The workshop is facilitated by Dr. Randy Ribaudo and Larry Petcovic of Human Workflows, LLC. Human Workflows provides consulting services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Dr. Ribaudo and Mr. Petcovic created the SciPhD training course in 2009 to help academic scientists transition to industry in a competitive job market.

ribaudo.jpgRandy Ribaudo, Partner, President, CEO, Human Workflows, LLC
Dr. Randall Ribaudo has over twenty years experience in scientific research and biotechnology. Dr. Ribaudo co-founded Human Workflows after more than five years at Celera Genomics where he acted as a liaison between Celera and the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic communities. Dr. Ribaudo was a product manager responsible for developing support products for the Proteomics Groups mass spectrometry software. He also led the iScience Task Force to define strategic directions for sister company Applied Biosystems, advised on product development for the Celera Discovery System and enterprise solutions for information integration, and worked as a Manager of Strategic Solutions in the Informatics business. Prior to Celera, Dr. Ribaudo worked at Molecular Applications Group, presenting the revolutionary capabilities of MAG's products to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic communities.

Dr. Ribaudo also has extensive experience in the academic biological life sciences arena. After receiving a Ph.D. in Immunology at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Ribaudo studied the molecular basis of antigen presentation at NIAID, NIH. He then accepted a position as a Principal Investigator in the National Cancer Institute where he studied the immune response to viruses and tumors, leading a team of postdoctoral fellows, technicians, and university and high school students. At NCI, he developed novel technology to create vaccines against tumors and viruses. Dr. Ribaudo holds patents for this technology which are now being further developed by private companies.

These experiences have provided Dr. Ribaudo with tremendous insight into the rapidly exploding technological capabilities in areas of discovery research, information and data management, as well as a detailed understanding of the human workflows that are required to successfully implement those technological solutions.

petcovic1.jpgLarry Petcovic, Vice President for Communications, Human Workflows LLC
Larry Petcovic has 20+ years of experience in the social sciences and has trained thousands of scientists in the art of effective communication. The SciPhD training program is the result of the combination of Larry' many years of experience in developing and teaching social communications skills combined with the scientific and human industry knowledge of the co-founders of Human Workflows.