(All events will be held in Light Hall. Locations TBA.)

Monday, August 13
1:30-2:45PM, 208 Light Hall
Workshop Session I
Dr. Ribaudo and Mr. Petcovic will introduce 24 business competencies valued in industry and relate these competencies to graduate and postdoc research experiences. Facilitators will also discuss industry's perception of academic scientists with regard to assumed strengths and weaknesses.

3:15-4:45PM, 208 Light Hall
Workshop Session II
Dr. Ribaudo and Mr. Petcovic will demystify industry job ads. Workshop participants will learn to identify the explicit and implicit information contained in the ad, and they will learn how to use that information in conjunction with the results of the self-assessment and additional intelligence through smart networking to make you competitive for desired jobs. Additionally, understanding the social context of these competencies, and how they relate to each other provides foundations for not just obtaining industry jobs, but for excelling and succeeding in an industry career.

Evening on Your Own
Online Self-Assessment (see *note)
All paid workshop participants will be granted access to take the SciPhD online self-assessment. (Access codes will be distributed to paid registrants at the workshop.) This instrument profiles one’s own competencies in 24 areas and maps an individual's strengths to different job types in different types of companies. This information can be used in developing targeted resumes, cover letters, preparing for interviews, and for short and long term career planning.
*Note: Paid workshop registrants who are not going on the job market in the near future may want to wait to take the online self-assessment at a later date. Access to the online self-assessment does not expire and the SciPhD online self-assessment may be taken at any time.

Tuesday, August 14
9:00-10:30AM, 419 Light Hall
Open Q & A
In this open Q & A session, Dr. Ribaudo and Mr. Petcovic will answer questions about the workshop, applying for jobs, and working in industry. This will be an audience-driven event so bring your questions! If you opt to take the online SciPhD self-assessment before the Q & A, you are welcome to bring your assessment report with you to clarify results or ask questions about your assessment.