Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the workshop?
    The workshop will be in 208 Light Hall. The Q & A on August 14 will be in 419 Light Hall.
  2. Who should attend the Professional Skills for Careers in Industry workshop?
    The workshop is for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in the sciences who are considering careers in industry. The workshop facilitators have extensive experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, specifically.
  3. I am still considering a range of career options. Why should I attend this workshop?
    We think there are several good reasons to attend this workshop even if you haven't firmly settled on a career in industry. First, many of the competencies valued by industry are also valued in other sectors. Second, this workshop may help you decide whether industry is a good match for your strengths. Third, this workshop will teach an approach to applying for a job that will work when applying for a job in any sector; that is - when applying for a job, you need to understand what the employer is looking for, then relate your experiences to the employer's needs using their language.
  4. Why are you charging for this workshop?
    For most events we sponsor, our cost is a set amount (e.g. $1000 for speaker travel + speaker honorarium) that doesn't vary based on the number of people who attend. For this workshop, however, our cost is based directly on the number of workshop registrants (e.g. $1000 for speaker travel + $45 per workshop registrant). Since we're paying per person for this workshop, we need to minimize "no shows." We do not want the workshop to be a financial burden to anyone, however. Thus, we are still paying about 2/3 of the workshop cost and only passing on 1/3 the cost ($15) on to the participants.
  5. What does the $15 registration fee include?
    The registration fee includes a ticket to the 3.5 hour workshop on August 13 and follow up Q & A on August 14. It also includes access to the online SciPhD self-assessment tool.
  6. Why is the workshop on August 13 and the Q & A on August 14?
    There will be some time for questions on August 13. However, we scheduled a longer Q & A on August 14 so workshop participants can take the online SciPhD self-assessment the night of August 13 and bring their report and questions about the assessment to the Q & A session. The Q & A session is optional.
  7. What is the SciPhD self-assessment?
    The SciPhD self-assessment is described in detail on the SciPhD website.
  8. How long does the SciPhD self-assessment take?
    The self-assessment is a self-paced course and assessment. It reviews 24 competencies important for success in industry and helps you craft experience statements relevant to those competencies. We recommend you budget a few hours to take the SciPhD self-assessment.
  9. I won't have time to take the SciPhD self-assessment the night of August 13. Is that a problem?
    All paid workshop participants will be able to take the SciPhD self-assessment at any time they choose. Your access will not expire and you can wait months or years to take it. The advantage of taking it on August 13 is that you can ask questions about your results at the August 14 Q & A, but you are welcome to take it at a later date if you prefer.
  10. I am still several years from finishing my training. Why should I attend this workshop now?
    By learning what industry employers value, you can work on developing relevant skills during the remainder of your training.
  11. How do I pay for the workshop?
    You can pay online using your credit card when you register. If you prefer to pay with cash, check, or 1180, bring payment to Lora Barnett in the BRET Office in 340 Light Hall. Ms. Barnett will give you a code to complete the registration process online.
  12. I have more questions. Who can I contact?
    This workshop is hosted by the BRET Office of Career Development. Contact Kim Petrie (615-322-6885 or