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2020 Graduates


We have put this webpage together to acknowledge student’s success.  However  to be frank we want to do something for your parents, relatives and friends.  I know that when one goes to commencement, as a parent you are there to be proud.  Hopefully this modest effort on behalf of the BRET Office will allow us to say that your children made it.  They worked hard and put enormous effort into their programs….and they achieved their goals.  You should be proud of them!

-Roger Chalkley

Senior Associate Dean


Biochemistry Graduates 2020

Cancer Biology Graduates 2020

Cell and Developmental Biology Graduates 2020

Chemical and Physical Biology Graduates 2020

Human Genetics Graduates 2020

Microbe-Host Interactions Graduates 2020

Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Graduates 2020

Neuroscience Graduates 2020

Pharmacology Graduates 2020