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Each fall a new cohort of biomedical sciences PhD students arrive at Vanderbilt University eager to embark on their journey to become leading scientists, devoted to understanding and developing cures for human disease.  Their PhD training will hone their technical skills, challenge them to think critically and creatively, teach them to analyze data, and encourage them to solve problems.  These students will emerge empowered to improve our world through their research, leadership and innovation. 

Now more than ever, the national economic climate makes it challenging to support, encourage and reward the next generation of biomedical scientists. Training grants from the federal government only go so far.  

Generous philanthropic support from our alumni and community can make a tremendous impact on the research and training opportunities afforded our PhD students.  It allows them to tackle the most challenging human diseases of the day such as cancer, neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, insect-borne infections, as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes.

We are committed to helping our graduate students attain the support needed to make valuable contributions in their research.  We welcome your gifts, large and small, to the following:

Young Biomedical Research Scholar Fund

Through a competitive process, the Young Research Scholar Funds will provide stipend awards to exceptional PhD graduate students on the basis of academic merit and research productivity.

There are many other ways you may also wish to help support our students. 

  • Specific gifts may be designated to support a student pursuing studies in a particular area of research
  • Named endowed scholarships can be established in honor of a particular individual
  • Bequests are a meaningful way to leave a legacy for future generations

All gifts will be acknowledged and are tax deductible.

If you would like to discuss these options further, or have any questions, please contact: