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Graduate Student Health Care and Insurance Resources

The Student Health Services FAQ page has provided some helpful guides and videos to give you more information on the services of the Student Health Center, as well as the costs of Student Health Insurance.

Insurance 101
Insurance Costs

Glossary of Health Insurance Terms to know


Some Student Health Insurance notes to point out: 

There are no office co-pays for routine visits, and all registered students are eligible for care, regardless of insurance coverage. (The student may incur charges for supplies, medications, or procedures.)

If you feel sick, and would like to be seen at Student Health, schedule an appointment online through the Student Health Services website.

VU Gallagher Student Insurance

  • $250 deductible per individual/policy/year ($500 if out-of-network)
  • Copays after deductible:
    • 10% VUMC
    • 20% In-Network, but not at VUMC
    • 40% Out-of-network
  • ER visits that do not result in hospital admittance incur an extra $100 cost
  • Prescriptions: $100 deductible; Copays after deductible:
    • $15 generic
    • $50 brand name
    • $75 specialty

Referrals for visits outside of SHC (specialists, etc.) are not free and will incur charges. In the following cases, referrals are not required:

  • Care that occurs when the Student Health Center is closed
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Medical care received when an Insured Student is more than 40 miles from the Vanderbilt University campus.
  • Medical care received when an Insured Student is no longer eligible to use the Student Health Center due to a change in student status (for example, while a student is on medical leave of absence)
  • Medical care for Insured Dependents
  • Maternity, obstetrical and gynecological care
  • Mental Illness Treatment and Substance Use Disorder Treatment (For free University Counseling services, please visit the Student Care Coordination website)