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Antentor Hinton, Jr.

The Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC)

The Hinton Lab utilizes SBF-SEM and FIB-SEM to investigate the molecular mechanisms that regulate molecule transfer and morphology changes between the mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum and how these mechanisms are altered during pathophysiological states diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.


Keywords: Mitochondria , Mitochondria Endoplasmic Reticulum Contact Sites , Transmission Electron Microscopy , Serial Block Face (SBF) Scanning Electron Microscopy , Focus Ion Beam (FIB) Scanning Electron Microscopy , TMEM 135 & MICOS

Research Area: Biophysics , Cancer Immunology , Cell Signaling , Cell Structure , Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism , Synaptic Function & Neuroendocrinology