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Poster – FAQs

  • Where are you located?
    • The BRET Poster Printing Service is in 307 Light Hall.
  • Do you sell poster tubes?
    • We do sell poster tubes at our new location in 307 Light Hall. The price for our poster tube is $6.00 dollars. We also provide rubber bands.
  • Why do I have to review my poster before you print it?
    • What you see on your monitor is not always what you get when the poster is printed. Following our Technical specifications and Advice & Tips will minimize problems, but we still prefer that you review your poster as it looks on our monitor and grant final approval.
  • What if there is an error when the poster is printed?
    • Follow our Technical Specifications¬†and Advice & Tips to minimize errors. If you do not follow our specifications and advice and there is a problem with the print, you will be charged full price for the errant poster.
  • Do I need an appointment to drop off my poster?
    • Appointments are not required, but if Karen is away from her desk when you stop by, you can sign up on a list to have Karen contact you when she returns.
  • What is the turnaround time for printing?
    • Posters need to be submitted for printing at least two business days in advance of when they are needed, and we strongly suggest that you allow additional time (2-4 days) prior to large conferences. We will call you if your poster is ready earlier.