Poster Printing Service - Instructions for using our service

In 2003, we began offering a non-profit poster printing service for affiliates of the biomedical sciences graduate programs at Vanderbilt. Our low cost, fast turnaround time, and convenient location quickly made us a popular printing service. We now find that it is not unusual for us to print dozens of posters in the days prior to large scientific meetings. To avoid disappointment, posters need to be submitted for printing at least two business days in advance of when they are needed, and we strongly suggest you allow additional time prior to large conferences. Our printing service has been immensely popular because of its low cost and convenient location, and we need to implement this policy in order to continue printing posters in a timely fashion. As always, posters are printed on a first-come, first-served basis.


1. Complete and submit the poster submission form (last updated January, 2015)

2. Payment will be process through CORES (Cores Ordering and Reporting Enterprise System)

3. When your poster is submitted, it will be review in the office before printing.

4. When staff is not available to review your poster, used the drop box located in the office to submit poster print job, and upon return of staff, you will be contact to schedule time to come by the office to review your poster before printing.