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Psychological Consultation Services for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate students and postdocs have access to psychological consultation services to address a variety of issues that impact mental health and performance. These include but are not limited to working in high pressure settings, balancing devotion to academic work with personal and family commitments and self-care, maintaining resilience in the face of failure and rejection, navigating conflicts, and managing performance anxiety. Individual and group sessions will be available. In addition to offering services on campus, we can assist with identifying other resources on-campus and in the surrounding community to meet your particular need.


Graduate students are eligible for the full range of services offered by the PCC. These include individual and group psychotherapy, medication management, biofeedback, crisis intervention, and alcohol and drug treatment. Detailed information regarding the PCC can be found on its website.

School of Medicine Graduate Students

School of Medicine Postdoctoral Research Fellows


Protecting your privacy is of utmost importance. This means that information about you will not be disclosed to anyone (i.e., faculty, advisor, PI, administrator, family) unless you specifically authorize disclosure of information through a written release of information. All records of services received are held in confidence consistent with applicable federal and state laws. It is important to note that there are limits to confidentiality, which include danger to yourself, danger to others, information about current or suspected child/elder abuse, a lack of capacity to care for yourself, or a valid court order/subpoena.

Professional Service

Psychological services are coordinated by David Sacks, Ph.D. David holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford University and a doctorate in educational, counseling, and school psychology from Florida State University. He has been a licensed Psychologist, Health Service Provider in Tennessee since 2007. He is a faculty member with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and works under the auspices of the Psychological and Counseling Center (PCC). David has served as a researcher, clinician, and educator, having taught in both graduate and medical school settings. He also provides psychological consultation to elite athletes and performers in other competitive domains. David brings this perspective as a psychological performance consultant to help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows makes use of psychological skills and insight to maximize their performance under stressful conditions.

Contact and Location

Consultations take place at the PCC at 2015 Terrace Place, as well as Eskind Biomedical Library, Room 308.  To request a psychological consultation with David, email him at or call (615) 322-2571.  To request an appointment through the PCC, please complete the online request forms.

Crisis Resources

For urgent psychiatric concerns, call either the Crisis Line at (615) 244-7444 or RESPOND (Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital) at (615) 327-7000, or go to the nearest emergency room. Non-urgent matters may be addressed through Vanderbilt’s Psychological and Counseling Center at (615) 322-2571 or through VU Human Resources Work-Life Connections at (615) 936-1327.

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