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Resources for Student Care

Resources for Student Care and Wellness

Vanderbilt Student Care Network

The University provides students with a wide array of services from many different sources both on and off campus. To help students navigate those services, the university has organized the services in the Student Care Network under the following categories.

Physical / Emotional / Spiritual / Social / Financial / Vocational / Sexual / Intellectual / Cultural & Identity


Below are YouTube videos, both a brief and comprehensive version, detailing Student Care Network services:

Student Care Network Brief Overview

Student Care Network Comprehensive Overview


To begin, please visit  the Office of Student Care Coordination.
The Office of Student Care Coordination is the central and first point of contact for any graduate student who may have an academic, personal, emotional, medical, and/or other concern. Student Care Coordinators individually assess each student’s needs and explore resources within Vanderbilt’s Student Care Network and/or the Nashville community to facilitate connections to the most appropriate supports.

Schedule an Appointment

Phone: 615-343-WELL (9355)
Office Location: Rand Hall, Suite 305
Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm


Resources for Misconduct and Compliance Issues

Vanderbilt University Sexual Misconduct and Intimate Partner Violence Support and Resource Information

Communications about and reporting incidents of hate, bias and discrimination through the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Vanderbilt Title IX & Student Discrimination Office

Vanderbilt takes reports of sexual misconduct seriously.  The University recommends that reports of sexual misconduct be made to the Title IX Office.  If a person chooses to make an initial report to any other mandatory reporter, the mandatory reporter will refer the matter to the Title IX Office.  The Title IX Office has responsibility for responding to reports of sexual misconduct.  How the University responds depends upon a variety of factors, including the wishes of the complainant, the facts and circumstances of the specific incident, to whom it was reported, and the University’s obligations under applicable federal and state laws.  Retaliation is prohibited against any person who makes a report of sexual misconduct, participates in an investigation, encourages reporting an incident, or opposes sexual misconduct.


Vanderbilt Compliance Hotline

An anonymous, confidential hotline is available to report compliance concerns and complaints. Reports can be made online here or by toll-free call to (844) 814-5935.

Although this is usually used to report compliance issues (for example misuse of funds), it can be used to report harassing behavior, which is a violation of University policies on appropriate workplace conduct, or anything of compliance with behavior standards.