Thursday, January 21st 2016, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Light Hall Room 202

Hosted By 

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


We are the Vanderbilt Organization for Interprofessional Community Student Engagement, a new organization on campus, recruiting from all six professional schools. It is our mission to work with community organizations to help meet the needs of their respective populations as an interprofessional group of students.

We also have an upcoming lecture series with a focus on the interprofessional approach to mental health, open to all members of the Vanderbilt community. For this first lecture in the series, Dr. James Powers, a geriatrician who has been working at Vanderbilt for many years, will be speaking about an ongoing quality improvement project to reduce the use of sedative medications for the control of agitation in nursing homes in Tennessee. The focus of this talk will be on the implementation of interprofessional nonpharmacological means of controling agitation in nursing home residents.