Friday, September 30th 2016, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


411 A-C Light Hall

Hosted By 

Society of Saints Cosmas & Damian


Caroline Walker, a Vanderbilt University Keegan Traveling Fellow from 2015-2016 will be coming to present some of her findings from her year of exploring a variety of issues surrounding end of life care. Walker's project, titled "Dignified Life and Death: A Global Approach to End of Life Care" sprung from her conviction that every life is of infinite worth from its very beginning to its very end. During her year as a Keegan Traveling Fellow, she traveled to 15 different countries to immerse herself in hospitals, hospices, non-profits and other culturally specific end of life care organizations to answer her guiding questions: How do various cultures around the globe view death and a person's dignity at the end of life? And what are the features that make them different? She will be sharing with us some of her findings during this lunch lecture.