Saturday, March 5th 2016, 7:00am to 6:30pm


Light Hall

Hosted By 

VUSM Students for a National Health Program Club


The 2016 Annual Students for a National Health Program invites students from across the nation to join for a day of learning about a single payer health program, and strategies for bringing that vision into reality. Activities include a keynote presentation, breakout sessions, lectures, breakfast and lunch. 


New Frontiers for the Civil Rights Movement


Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Light Hall, 2215 Garland Avenue, Nashville

8:00am                Registration Opens

9:00am                Welcome & Single Payer Update

                            Mitch Hayes, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Josh Faucher, Mayo Medical School

9:30am                Morning Keynote Presentation: Stephen Raffanti, M.D.                        

10:45am              Break

11:00am              Breakout Session One                               

Single Payer 101

Building a Social Media Presence for a Career in Medicine Writing for Single Payer What Can Healthcare Providers-in-Training do to Address Bias?

Mental Health Disparities in Vulnerable Populations The Intersections of Universal Coverage and Public Health How to Coordinate a Lobby Day

12:00pm              Lunch & Flash Mentoring Sessions

1:15pm                Breakout Session Two

Over the River and Through the Woods: Health Disparities and the Need for Single-Payer Healthcare in Rural Appalachia Storytelling in White Coats: Elevating Patient Narratives in the Case for Single Payer Intersections between the Movement for a National Health Program and the Fight for Racial Justice Trauma Informed Care, for All: ACES and Single Payer Training for Civil Disobedience Answering Difficult Questions about Single Payer Starting and Sustaining Your SNaHP Chapter

2:15pm                Break

2:30pm                Afternoon Plenary: Putting Single Payer at the Forefront of the 2016 Elections

                            Andrew Hyatt, Boston University School of Medicine

                            Janine Petito, Boston University School of Medicine

2:45pm                Transition

3:00pm                Political Strategy Training: Bird Dogging and Lobbying for Single Payer

4:00pm                Regional Strategy Sessions

4:45pm                Break

5:00pm                Panel Keynote: Building a National Medicare-for-All Coalition

Charlotte Austin, Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai National Steering Committee Member, White Coats 4 Black Lives

Rebecca Commito, Cooper Medical School at Rowan University National Board Representative, Medical Students for Choice


  1. Matthew Moy, Chicago Medical School

Health Care for All Co-Coordinator, American Medical Student Association


Franklyn Rocha, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine Vice President of Policy, Latino Medical Student Association



Vanessa Van Doren, Case Western University School of Medicine National Student Board Representative, Physicians for a National Health Program