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Carlos Lopez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Biomedical Informatics, Biochemistry
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Pharmacology

Research description:

The Lopez Lab is working to understand the link between stochastic molecular interactions, complex reaction networks, single-cell outcomes, and emergent community behaviors. The lab employs numerical and computational methods, in close collaboration with experiments, to explain cellular behavior and formulate testable hypotheses. Current research topics in the lab involve dynamics of transcription factor and signaling networks, cell-population dynamics at single-cell resolution, Bayesian inference and machine learning for model calibration and analysis, and high-performance distributed computing. 


1. GPU-powered model analysis with PySB/cupSODA. L. A. Harris, M. S. Nobile, J. C. Pino, A. L. R. Lubbock, D. Besozzi, G. Mauri, P. Cazzaniga, and C. F. Lopez, Bioinformatics 33 (21), 3492-3494 (2017)

2. An integrated, high-throughput, multi-omics platform enables data-driven construction of cellular responses and reveals global drug mechanisms of action. J. L. Norris, M. A. Farrow, D. B. Gutierrez, L. D. Palmer, N. Muszynski, S. D. Sherrod, J. C. Pino, J. L. Allen, J. M. Spraggins, A. L. R. Lubbock, A. T. Jordan, W. Burns, J. C. Poland, C. R. Romer, M. L. Manier, Y. Nei, B. M. Prentice, K. L. Rose, S. Hill, R. Van de Plas, T. Tsui, N. M. Braman, M. R. Keller, S. A. Rutherford, N. A. Lobdell, C. F. Lopez, D. B. Lacy, J. A. McLean, J. P. Wikswo, E. P. Skaar, and R. M. Caprioli. J. Proteome Res. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.6b01004 16 (3), pp 1364–1375 (2017) (senior author for modeling contribution)

3. Activated Oncogenic Pathway Modifies Iron Network in Breast Epithelial Cells: A Dynamic Modeling Perspective. J. Chifman, S. Arat, Z. Deng, E. Lemler, J. C. Pino, L. A. Harris, M. A. Kochen, C. F. Lopez, S. A. Akman, F. M. Torti, S. V. Torti, R. Laubenbacher, PLoS Comput. Biol. 13(2): e1005352. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005352 (2017)



PI: Vito Quaranta, MD and Carlos F. Lopez, PhD (Co-PI)
Funding Institution: National Institutes of Health (U01- CA215845)
Dates:   09/01/2017-08/31/2022
Project Title: Phenotype Transitions in Small Cell Lung Cancer