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Kristin A. Kwakwa

Graduate Student, Sterling Lab

Research Description:

Kristin is working on her thesis project targeting the transcription factor Gli2 in tumor-induced bone disease. She investigated physical and cellular interactions between tumors and the bone microenvironment using molecular, engineering, and pre-clinical models. Specifically, she is utilizing bone-mimetic scaffolds along with mouse models to investigate how the three-dimensional architecture of bone regulates osteolytic gene expression in patient-derived tumor cells. In addition, she is examining the effects of nanoparticle targeted therapeutic inhibitors to Gli2 that the laboratory has previously established as a critical factor for tumors to invade the bone microenvironment. This research will help establish new therapeutic approaches for treating patients with tumors that have invaded or metastasized to the bone. As this is a common occurrence in patients with metastatic breast, lung, prostate, and renal cancer as well as invasive tumors such as multiple myeloma, melanoma, and oral cancer, this research has a high potential to make a strong improvement in patient mortality and quality of life.



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