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Writing and Publishing Research Manuscripts with Dr. Vivian Siegel

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Thursday, February 20, 2014
Light Hall, Room 411 ABCD

Dr. Vivian Siegel will discuss how understanding the audience is key to the success of writing and publishing papers. By considering the perspective of the reader(s), which include both scientists in the same field (including reviewers), scientists in other fields, and others (including editors), different sections of the research paper can be tailored to both specialist and nonspecialist readers. The paper will then be maximally useful, as well as strategic, to better the chance of being published.

Dr. Vivian Siegel, PhD, is the Director of Education and Outreach at The Broad Insitute of MIT and Harvard. Prior to her work at the Broad, Dr. Siegel was Director of the Center for Science Communication at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Dr. Siegel publishing experience includes serving as founding executive director of the Public Library of Science and former chief editor of Cell, Developmental Cell, and Molecular Cell, founding editor-in-chief of Disease Models & Mechanisms, and the executive editor of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

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