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“Careers in Finance for STEM PhDs” panel through The VersatilePhD

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There are many roles for science and math PhDs in the finance industry, a broad category that includes banking, investing, real estate, insurance and other finance-related fields. Quantitative analysis, risk assessment, model-testing, etc. are critical to all finance industry endeavors. Many STEM PhDs (not just mathematicians) have enough of those skills to enter the field.

Free online panel discussion: “Careers in Finance for STEM PhDs”
Monday February 10 – Friday February 14
Relevant to all STEM disciplines
Takes place in STEM Forum on Versatile PhD website
Asynchronous format; read and participate anytime during the week

This free online panel discussion features several STEM PhDs and/or ABDs who have successfully entered the finance industry. Panelists will introduce themselves on Monday, February 10 and answer your questions for the rest of the week. If you have even a casual interest in economics or currencies or investing or just how money works in general, this might be an interesting field to consider.

To participate, register on VPhD if you haven’t already, then visit the Versatile PhD STEM Forum any time that week and look for threads beginning with the word “Panel.” You can even receive posts by email: Log in, go to MyVPhD and click Notifications. All the choices are there for you.

For more info, visit the Versatile PhD site.

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