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“PhD Career Finder” tool on Versatile PhD

Posted by on Friday, July 31, 2015 in Path to Career Resources .

The Versatile PhD (VPhD, for short, in this blog post) is an online resource and community for PhDs considering careers outside the "traditional" academic faculty route. The Vanderbilt Graduate School is an institutional subscriber to VPhD, so Vanderbilt students and postdocs have access to all of VPhD's premium content. This includes real-life examples of PhDs and ABDs who went into each of the careers portrayed: their stories, advice, inside information about their fields, even the actual resumes and cover letters they used to get their first post-academic jobs. 

To access the premium content, you first need to login with your VUNet ID and password by following the Versatile PhD link at

Once authenticated as a Vanderbilt student or postdoc, you will sign up for a VPhD account, and you will be able to log in directly at the VPhD site thereafter.

After you create a VPhD account, check out the "PhD Career Finder Tool." There you will find descriptions of 16 different career paths for PhDs (listed below). Each overview is accompanied by real-life examples of CVs, resumes, and cover letters from science PhDs who landed jobs in that field!

Versatile PhD also has a jobs board and a great forum where you can post your career exploration or job search questions. Periodically, VPhD hosts online panel discussions with professionals in various careers, and these online discussions are archived in the premium content area, too!

Below is a list of STEM careers covered in Versatile PhD. Check it out today!

Data Science & Sofware Development
Intellectual Property
K-12 Education
Research Administration
Science and Medical Writing
Science Outreach
Science Policy
University Administration

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