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Burroughs Wellcome fund offers Collaborative Research Travel Grants (CRTG)

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Science is a process best shared. But often in biomedical research, the colleagues we want to work with or the equipment we want to train on are spread out around the country or around the world — and funding isn’t always flexible to allow for these exploratory, enriching collaborations.


The Burroughs Wellcome Fund can help you make that trip: we are once again offering our Collaborative Research Travel Grants (CRTG) for biomedical researchers. The grant provides up to $15,000 for domestic or international travel to visit labs at other institutions to learn new research techniques, or to begin or continue research collaboration.

CTRG funds can be applied towards airfare, accommodations, meals, ground transportation, and other travel expenses — as well as lab supplies and other material expenses required for the visit. Want to make multiple visits to your collaborator?  No problem — you can use CTRG funds to support as many trips you need to take, as long as travels take place between June 1, 2016 andDecember 31, 2017.

The grant is open to faculty members, researchers, and trainees — including postdocs and fellows — in biomedical sciences, who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States or Canada, and are hosted at a degree-granting institution in the United States or Canada. Researchers with doctorate-level training in the physical, mathematical, or engineering sciences are especially encouraged to apply. Applications are due on February 1, 2016.

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund understands that the best brainstorms and innovations happen when researchers can collaborate and share ideas in person. We want you to go visit a colleague — and grow your skills, your collaboration, and your career. Meet up and make science happen.




Rolly Simpson

Senior Program Officer
Collaborative Research Travel Grants

Burroughs Wellcome Fund


For more information online, please visit the Collaborative Research Travel Grants webpage.

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