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Research Services Consultant II, VICTR, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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In collaboration with the VUMC Human Research Protections Program (HRPP), the Research Services Consultant II (RSC II) assists with the optimal application of the Federal, State, and local laws, guidance documents, VUMC Institutional policies, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) policies and procedures while meeting the objectives of the VUMC research community. Consults on complex research and regulatory issues in conjunction with the team(s) to identify solutions and develop improvement processes. The RSC II researches topics of departmental, institutional or strategic importance. 


Performance Elements

Assist researchers and clinicians in improving the quality of research and grants by identifying collaborators, connecting investigators with resources/funding opportunities, and developing tools to further the research enterprise.
Serves as the central resource for the research community to provide expertise and guidance on complex issues, operational goals, business strategies, ethical considerations, regulatory mandates, and institutional policies related to human research protections.
Collaborates with internal and external customers to develop and evaluate services for the improvement of human research protection programs.
Responsible for the comprehension, management, and facilitation of IRB regulatory assurance(s), contracts, agreements, and IRB policies and procedures.
Facilitate work groups comprised of members of the NIH, administrative officers, lawyers, and representatives from the offices of research at various institutions nationwide.  Provide both administrative and scientific support to help set agendas, plan meetings, critique project proposals, and build databases/tools for the group. 
Educate the campus community regarding resources available to clinicians and researchers to improve all aspects of the research enterprise.
Responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive/strategic Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program for research programs within the Research Enterprise.
Organize administrative teams to support national in person meetings (e.g., set meeting agendas, invite speakers, engage possible attendees, advertise events, book meeting locations, book audio-visual services, and provide scientific/technical consultation). 
Write scientific progress reports and technical summaries.
Lead evidence review methods development and execution within team executing association studies for industry, including designing and testing methods, developing evidence review deliverables for industry partners, and training colleagues.
Facilitate development and implementation of personalized approaches to patient care.
Work in concert with Vanderbilt leadership in developing infrastructure for improving expanded access to investigational therapies for seriously ill patients.
Collaborate with leadership and other colleagues in development and submission of grant proposals related to key national initiatives.
Provide research support services to Vanderbilt colleagues, including evidence reviews and other project work.


Required Skills                    

Excellent organizational and time management skills
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Ability to multi-task
Excellent self-initiative and motivation
Excellent teamwork and facilitation skills
Excellent customer service skills
Computer proficiency


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