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Autism Science Foundation Inviting Applications for Pre- and Postdoctoral Training Awards Training Awards

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The Autism Science Foundation is inviting applications to its Pre- and Postdoctoral Training Awards and Medical School Gap Year Research Training Awards program from graduate students, medical students, and postdoctoral fellows interested in pursuing careers in basic and clinical research relevant to autism spectrum disorders.

The proposed training must be scientifically linked to autism and may be broadened to include training in a closely related area of scientific research, including but not limited to human behavior across the lifespan (language, learning, behavior, communication, social function, motor skills & planning, epilepsy, sleep, repetitive disorders); neurobiology (anatomy, development, neuroimaging); pharmacology; neuropathology; genetics and epigenetics; genomics and epigenomics; immunology; molecular and cellular mechanisms; studies employing model organisms and systems; and studies of treatment and service delivery.

Special consideration will be given to projects focused on gender issues in autism. This includes studies that examine the female protective effect, neurobiological and neuroanatomical examination of the female autism brain, diagnostic differences and challenges in females, the female phenotype, and health and lifespan issues, including vocational services and employment.  ASF also invites studies focused on unaffected siblings and recurrence risk in the offspring of unaffected siblings and is interested in supporting research on the neurobiology and molecular biology of autism using post-mortem brain tissue.

The one-year awards are $25,000 for pre-doctoral and medical students and $35,000 for postdoctoral students.

Applicants to the awards program should be enrolled at an accredited university medical school. Medical school applicants must apply prior to graduation from medical school, but may take a gap year immediately after graduation .

Applicants for postdoctoral awards must have completed their doctoral or medical degree and have been accepted as a postdoctoral fellow in good standing in a program in the United States as of the award start date (July-­Sept 2016).

ASF will hold an informational conference on September 8, 2016, at 12:00 p.m. EST.  

For complete program guidelines, information about previous recipients, and application instructions, see the ASF website.


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