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Pierian Biosciences Employer Info Session

Posted by on Friday, October 28, 2016 in Announcements .

Learn about the Nashville company Pierian Biosciences and their current opportunities. 

Friday, November 11
Light Hall 512

Registration strongly requested.




Join us in welcoming, Matt Westfall, Ph.D., Director of Assay Development and laboratory Operations at Pierian Biosciences as he tells us about about his career path (Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Vanderbilt in 2003), what Pierian Biosciences does, and answers your questions about current job openings at their US headquarters in Franklin, TN.

Pierian Biosciences is a leader in the development and delivery of treatment-directing information with a vision of allowing providers to design patient-specific strategies that improve outcomes, quality of life, and lower the cost of cancer care.  Our mission is to profoundly change the approach to cancer treatment for patients and providers to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine: “The right treatment for the right patient at the right time.”  Pierian Biosciences currently has three primary technologies: MiCK- A functional multi-parametric chemosensitivity assay providing actionable information guiding the selection of the most effective cytotoxic agent.  Continuous real-time kinetic profiling of multi-parametric molecular apoptotic responses clearly differentiate MiCK from other available chemosensitivity assays.  CEER- A functional proteomic profiling assay which provides quantitative information on the expression and activation status of proteins of interest to identify potential oncogenic “drivers” and allow selection of the most appropriate targeted and/or biologic therapy.  I-O Platform- A comprehensive functional immuno-assay focused on intra-tumoral and peripheral “markers” of immune system activation and competence to guide the selection of the most appropriate immunotherapeutic.

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