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“PhD Careers in Think Tanks,” VersatilePhD panel discussion, April 3-7

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PhD Careers in Think Tanks

April 3-7, 2017
STEM PhDs can positively impact society by working in "think tanks", non-academic research organizations that influence public policy around an important issue or cluster of issues. Think tanks hire PhDs to conduct and evaluate studies and help develop policy recommendations.

Versatile PhD will host a free AMA-style panel discussion on PhD Careers in Think Tanks, April 3-7, 2017. All panelists are PhDs or ABD in STEM disciplines and all are currently employed in think tanks, making a difference on a variety of issues.

  • Free discussion, open to all (tell friends!)
  • Takes place in STEM forum on the VPhD site
  • Panelists introduce themselves Monday April 3
  • Q&A rest of week thru Friday April 7
  • Asynchronous – participate anytime that week

Start here:

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