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Maximizing Your Networking at the BRET 25th Reunion and Career Symposium

Posted by on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 in Announcements .

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The BRET 25th Reunion and Career Symposium is coming up fast and we will be welcoming 16 invited alumni speakers.  In addition, many other alumni attendees will be present for small group rotations (networking huddles) and a networking reception.   How can you make the most of the networking opportunities that this event will present?  Kate Stuart, BRET Office of Career Development, Program Manager, will discuss the schedule of events and highlight where you will have the chance to meet and mingle with former trainees to learn about their career paths.  We will talk about how to prepare for the events, including doing research on the speakers and their workplaces ahead, and connecting with them while they are on campus.

There will be 2 sessions for this. This first will be held during the ASPIRE Cafe for Postdoctoral Fellows, for postdocs only (no registration required). The second will be held later in the morning, for graduate students only. Register here for the Graduate Student Info Session

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