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NSF Supplemental funding opportunity to support nonacademic internships

Posted by on Thursday, June 8, 2017 in Uncategorized .

If you are interested in a non-academic career (such as industry research, start-ups, nonprofits, think tanks, and government agencies), the NSF is currently offering supplemental funding for grad students to do research internships in these areas. To be eligible, your PI must have an active NSF grant, and they must apply for the supplemental funding by June 23, 2017.

The BRET Office of Career Development has worked with numerous employers and alumni to set up the ASPIRE internship program, and our office is happy to consult with any biosciences graduate student who is interested in pursuing the NSF supplemental funding opportunity. Below is a link to the funding announcement.


NSF Supplemental Funding for Non-Academic Internships for Graduate Students
The NSF has published a Dear Colleague letter describing an opportunity to request supplemental funding “for one of more graduate students to gain knowledge, skills and experiences that will augment his/her preparation for a successful long-term career through an internship in a non-academic setting.” All requests must be received by June 23, 2017, to be reviewed for possible funding using available FY2017 funds.

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