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How do I choose Networking Huddles? How do I register for the Career Planning afternoon sessions?

Those who have registered will receive an email in late May providing you with the following choices:

  • You may attend 6 rotations of Networking Huddles, or
  • You may attend a Career Planning workshop + 3 Networking Huddles.

Based on your interest, you may find the planning workshop more helpful based on your year in training. Or you may find that meeting contacts is the best way to advanced your career at this time!

When will I choose Networking Huddles?

Once you register, you will be notified the week of May 20th when you will be allowed to select Huddles preferences. It will be on a rolling basis based on the date you registered for the symposium. Now would be a good time to review the list of Huddle options so you will know which one to choose when Huddle selection opens up!

Do I have to attend the Career Decision-Making for PhDs/Postdocs? What do these workshops include?

No, this is optional. The Career Exploration Workshop will be a self-assessment seminar divided by year in training (one session for grad students, another for postdocs) which will be a deep dive into the career exploration/self-discovery process. If you are unsure what path you want to take next in your career, this workshop will help you reflect on your preferences, choices, and skills to better understand viable career options for you.

You will choose this preference when you receive the Huddle sign-up link via email in the coming week.

When is the deadline to register for the Career Symposium?

Friday, May 24, 5:00pm

I can’t make it the whole day. Should I even come?

Yes! And we strongly recommend you register regardless of when you can arrive. This is a very efficient way for you to explore the many career options with a PhD, so we ask you to reserve the whole day for a jam-packed schedule and an informative experience.

What will the 2020 Career Symposium theme be?

The 2020 ASPIRE Career Symposium will be on Friday, May 29, with the theme, “Research and Development Careers in Industry.” Want to be on the planning committee? Email Kate Stuart.