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Job Opportunity: Healthcare Research Project Manager – VICTR, VUMC, Nashville, TN

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 Healthcare Research Project Manager – VICTR

Requisition Number 1809240

Your Role:

Under direct supervision, oversees small projects or phases of larger projects. Responsible for coordinating activities of project team, identifying appropriate resources needed, and developing schedules to ensure timely completion of project. Effectively coordinates the activities of the team by becoming familiar with system scope and project objectives, as well as the role and function of each team member. Demonstrates good communication, organization, and team building skills.


This position will be involved in key operating functions within, the Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research. As such, this position will also interface and collaborate extensively with health system operational departments.

Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to,

  • contributing to a program designed to facilitate proactive pharmacogenomics testing and beyond – with an eye toward polypharmacy, drug-drug-gene interactions, and risk score integration
  • coordinating the development of necessary infrastructure to implement the use of genetic data in an array of research contexts, including liaising across Informatics, HealthIT, Molecular Diagnostics
  • collaborating with clinical informatics, scientific content development team, clinical staff, and others to ensure appropriate communication of the clinical implications of program output

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

 Under direct supervision, coordinate and oversee the planning phase of project implementation using the Project Implementation Process.

  1. Coordinate the transition from Project Evaluation to Project Implementation.
    1. Organize Team Resources, including Steering Committees, Project Teams and Work Groups, as needed.
    2. Develop high-level project plan and achieve buy in on task responsibilities and timelines from the appropriate team members.
    3. Define communications, issue management and scope management strategy and achieve approval from the appropriate team members.
    4. Solicit input from appropriate staff to evaluate cross-system impact.
    5. Evaluate project risks and develop contingency plans, as appropriate.
    6. Define project objectives and define success measurements.
    7. Develop and communicate appropriate project documentation, including project overview, scope, team structure, status reports, issues management reports, change control reports, meeting notes, etc. as required and in a timely manner.

  1. Institute the design phase of the Project Implementation Process.
    1. Coordinate development and approval of appropriate requirements and design documentation.
    2. Ensure Approval of developed requirements and design.
    3. Develop detailed project plan.

  1. Coordinate both execution and monitoring/controlling phases of Project Implementation Process.
    1. Coordinate development of detailed go live plan.
    2. Assist and monitor implementation of project plan.
    3. Facilitate monitoring issues and assist with control execution if project course corrections are required.

  1. Complete close out phase of Project Implementation Process.
    1. Ensure team consensus of project completion.
    2. Complete project close out documentation, especially Lessons Learned.

  1. With direct supervision, serve as project leader, to ensure timely completion of project tasks in line with project and enterprise objectives.
    1. Coordinate and lead steering committee, project team and work group meetings, as required.
    2. Manage and communicate project status to team members and executive staff, including management of project website, consistent status reporting and presentations.
    3. Identify, document and manage project issues and escalate, as appropriate, to achieve timely resolution.
    4. Ensure compliance with regulatory agencies including meeting deadlines, when applicable.
    5. Ensure integrity and security of institutional data.
    6. Demonstrate ability to multi-task effectively.

  1. Actively identify and participate in training, education and development activities to improve own knowledge and performance to sustain and enhance professional development.
    1. Keep up-to-date on project management software systems, practices and technological developments, as appropriate.
    2. Seek to understand Vanderbilt University organization and goals.
    3. Maintain skills commensurate with job expectations.

  1. Demonstrate good team building skills.
    1. Actively participate in Team Meetings.
    2. Readily volunteer to assist fellow team members as needed.
    3. Promote constructive formal and informal information sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Preferred Skills:                             

  • Master’s degree (PhD or PharmD preferred)
  • Biomedical industry experience
  • Project management experience with the ability to manage a timeline
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills required
  • Excellent organizational skills required

Department/Unit Summary:

VICTR is Vanderbilt’s virtual home for clinical and translational research.  Supported by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Office of Research and the NIH sponsored Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), the mission of the institute is to transform the way ideas and research discoveries make their way from origin to patient care.  This is accomplished using a multi-faceted approach: through collaboration with a wide variety of research partners; by training, nurturing and rewarding participating researchers; by funding research; by developing new and innovative ways to involve the community in research; by developing new informatics and biostatistical systems; and by making available the latest technologies and sound research results affecting patient care.


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