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Job Opportunity: Senior Scientist/ Fellowship Position, Rafael Pharma, Philadelphia, PA

Posted by on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 in Job Opportunities.

Rafael Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage cancer metabolism, biotechnology company with promising clinical trials. We are looking to expand the Rafael Pharmaceuticals fundamental research team of Sol Barer Research Fellows and experienced senior scientists or professor at our Philadelphia location. These positions will be mentored and guided by renowned professor, Chi Van Dang, professor at The Wistar Institute. We expect fellows to publish, collaborate and attend national conferences. We are offering an opportunity for driven scientists to work on clinically relevant discovery with proven academic and industry guidance, competitive salary, benefits, equity and career mentorship. Career mentorship will be done via academic leaders, Chi Dang and Richard Axel as well as industry leaders Richard Scheller, Jean-Pierre Sommadossi, and Sol Barer. We welcome all competitive applicants with any citizenship.

Skills-sets we are looking for:

1) Nimble cell biologist and molecular biochemist driven to discover mechanism.

2) Medicinal chemists who can capitalize on the findings of their biological team members to make the most potent inhibitors possible.

3) Structural protein biologists, experienced with x-ray crystallography.

Who we are looking for:

1) People excited about translating mechanistic findings in real time.

2) Independent starters that understand protocols start-finish.

3) Excellent written and oral communication.

4) Scientific foresight and immersion.

5) Meticulous record keeping.

6) A passion to be in the lab.

7) A team player.

Please reach out to