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How to Prepare for the 2020 Virtual Symposium

Preparation for this year’s career symposium is a little different than in year’s past. Consider these tips:

  • We will begin on time! Each of the webinars will begin promptly at stated times.
  • Review the speaker bios. Join prepared with your questions.
  • Technical notes: We will be using Zoom Webinar which will not allow you, the viewers, to be seen or heard at all.  The Zoom Chat feature will only allow you to ask technical questions of the moderators (i.e. we can’t see the slides!, the audio just went out!) .
  • Want to ask a question? We will be using the Zoom Q&A Box to ask questions of the panelists. Please contribute questions to the speakers as well as up-vote questions you feel are important to you so the moderators can prioritize the questions that get answered.
  • Zoom fatigue is real. But we know you want to learn and listen. We recommend eliminating distractions while tuning in and taking notes as you listen. Specifically during the keynote address, there will be real tips you will want to remember. We encourage you to invest in this time fully.
  • “Something came up and I won’t be able to make it.” We do not plan to share slides or provide the video of these webinars after the event has occurred. We may provide audio of the event at a later date this summer, but consider engaging in the webinar in real-time in order for you to best get the information you are looking for about career steps and exploring roles.
  • Questions? Email