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VSVS needs assistance in preparing science kits

Posted by on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 in Announcements .

VSVS still needs a little more help…! We’ll be packing kits to make science accessible to hundreds of kids who may otherwise not be able to afford the kits. If you have time July 15, and/or July 23 you can sign up here!

Why we need extra support:

As a consequence of COVID-19, undergraduate students are unable to prepare material for rural outreach with Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science (VSVS).

Graduate students need to step up. Without our help, hundreds of students won’t have access to hands-on learning!

What we’ll be doing:

Preparing kits for teachers in rural communities to use in their classrooms. All the materials are supplied. We’ll be six-feet apart with the proper material available.


If you are able, please come to SC 5234A on July 15 and/or July 23. We will work in shifts to ensure social distancing. If all you have is an hour free, it would make all the difference for us!