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Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Researcher, Multiple Positions, Systems Planning and Analysis, Alexandria, VA

Posted by on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 in Job Opportunities.

Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. (SPA) ( is looking for postdoctoral researchers to join our company for an interesting opportunity with the US Government. Below are the list of positions we are currently looking for candidates.

Biochemist: proven expertise in biochemistry and analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry.

o Description: Assist the research and development of biological weapon countermeasures. Provide research and analysis of assays and biomarkers. Development and verification of rapid, sensitive, and specific tests for the identification of biological weapons. Demonstrated research credentials in biochemistry

– Biologist: Proven expertise in medical countermeasures (vaccines, therapeutics) and/or toxicology.

o Description: Support research for threat agent science that provides rapid validated chemical and biological agent property and reactivity data; toxicological mechanisms to inform risk assessments, medical chemical countermeasures that deliver novel medical concepts and technologies to address current and emerging threats. Demonstrated research credentials in biological sciences

– Chemist: Proven expertise in analytical chemistry or related analytical methods.

o Description: Support research in proposed and existing counter and defeat improvised threat technologies for deployment in theater and science and technology efforts. Demonstrated research in chemistry and the use of analytic equipment and data analysis. Research in explosive chemistry is preferred.

– Physicist: Proven expertise in high energy or nuclear physics, and research methods including detection systems, data collection, and data analytic techniques.

o Description: Support research in proposed and existing counter and defeat improvised threat technologies for science and technology efforts. Demonstrated research in detection sciences – use of detectors, operations and evaluation of detector data, and use of data analytic techniques.

– Physical Scientist: Proven expertise in physical science and the impact of radiation on the physical environment.

o Description: Assist in model development, test, integration and transition of radiological and nuclear modeling tools. Examine WMD lethality and vulnerability models and integration with computational tools. Demonstrated research in the use of mathematical methods of computation, and the ability to modify existing codes in computational analysis

Physical Scientist: Proven expertise in plasma physics or nucleon related research

o Description: Experience with research and experimentation in plasma physics and/or nucleon interaction. Demonstrated understanding of plasma states of matter, nuclear fission and fusion, and ionizing radiation resulting from fission and fusion.

– Engineer or Solid State Physicist: Proven expertise in electricity and magnetism and/or circuit and system response.

o Description: Provide assistance to the nuclear survivability of DoD systems and components. Assess technology development to produce radiation-tolerant, high-performance, high-reliability dual-use microelectronics and photonics. Review and evaluate hardening methodologies.

Additional qualifications:

  • DoD security clearance or ability to obtain a DoD Top Secret clearance.
  • US citizens.
  • Demonstrated ability to works as part of a team to solve problems.
  • Experience conducting analysis and communicating those results clearly to a broad audience.

Interested candidates should forward CV or contact:

– Brian Groft;

– Caitlin Reilly;

– Chris Tousley;