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Presidential Management Fellowship program application open in September- great for transitioning to government

Posted by on Monday, August 31, 2020 in Job Opportunities.

The Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF) is a prestigious leadership development program designed to help advanced degree candidates and advanced degree holders enter a career in the US Federal Government. Selected PMF Finalists are eligible to work in a managerial/ administrative role (not research) at a range of government agencies. PMFs perform valuable service while jump-starting their careers, and get full salary and benefits as well as challenging assignments, formal professional training, and optional rotations to other agencies during the two-year program.

First, mark your calendars and spread the word! The PMF Program Office is happy to formally announce the dates for the PMF Class of 2021 Application, which are as follows: Opening Noon (ET), Wednesday, September 30 and closing Noon (ET), Wednesday, October 14, 2020. These dates, and any updates, have been posted here: Approximately six weeks after the application closes, we expect to announce PMF Class of 2021 Finalists. 

We have also released the “2021 PMF Assessment Preparation Guide” and posted it to the PMF website. The guide can be found under the “Become a PMF\Assessment Process” section at The Guide explains the 2021 PMF assessment process, includes sample questions, the process for requesting a reasonable accommodation, and identifies the system requirements for completing the on-line assessment. 

Finally, we have updated many of our resources for academia and applicants and have also added some new resources. For an overview of what’s new for the upcoming 2021 Application Cycle, visit: A few of our new resources include:

  • The PMF Apply Brochure, posted under the “Become a PMF\Resources” section of
  • The Academia Checklist, posted under the “Academia\Resources” section of
  • The PMF Program Required Application Documents and Alternative Letter, posted under both of the “Resources” sections above at

In the coming months, between now and the application, we will be releasing additional resources for applicants. Please be sure to check our website for updates.


General information about the PMF Program, eligibility, how to apply, and resources, can be found under the “Become a PMF” section of our website at

Send your application related questions to


Update: Sept 2, 2020:

Introducing the PMF Applicant Handbook

The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program has published the PMF Applicant Handbook, a brand new resource designed to provide a general overview of the annual application process and support applicants for the upcoming application cycle.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to review the Handbook in conjunction with: (1) the “2021 PMF Assessment Preparation Guide” (posted under the “Become a PMF\Assessment Process” section on the PMF website at and (2) additional resources and information found under the “Become a PMF” section at

The Handbook can be found under the “Become a PMF\Resources” and the “Academia\Resources” sections on the PMF website at

The PMF Class of 2021 Application is scheduled to open at Noon (ET), Wednesday, September 30, 2020, and close at Noon (ET), Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Finally, as a reminder, during the month of September 2020, the PMF Program will be hosting an informational webinar every Tuesday for potential applicants of the upcoming PMF Class of 2021 Application. Additional details and registration can be found under the “Become a PMF\2021 Application” section on the PMF website at

Thank you,
PMF Program Office

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