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Michelson Prizes: Next Generation Grants

Posted by on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 in Announcements .

The Michelson Prizes: Next Generation Grants are $150,000 research grants given annually to support promising researchers who are applying disruptive concepts and inventive processes to advance human immunology, vaccine discovery and immunotherapy research for major global diseases.


The 2021 Michelson Prizes will be looking for research proposals in two areas:


Human Immunology and Vaccine Research: The committee will be looking for research aimed at tackling the current roadblocks that exist in human vaccine development and expanding our limited understanding of key immune processes that are fundamental to successful vaccine and immunotherapy development.


Climate Change and Human Immunology: Climate change has a profound effect on human health; pollution and other environmental stressors related to climate change increase susceptibility to disease, especially in vulnerable populations. Harnessing the immune system will be critical to  mitigate negative health impacts. The committee is looking for research that expands our understanding of the potential effects of climate change on immune function with a particular interest in research that will directly translate into vaccine and immunotherapy development to mitigate its impact.

For both prizes, the committee will be looking for research that is highly innovative and impactful, with the potential to be applied across many diseases.


While the Michelson Prizes are focused on research in the fields of immunology, vaccine, and immunotherapy discovery, applicants from the full spectrum of related disciplines, including clinical research, biochemistry, molecular biology, protein engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, biophysics, nanotechnology, environmental health, etc., are encouraged to apply.


Eligibility And Selection Process


Applicants must be 35 or younger at the time of pre-application submission. Early career independent investigators, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows (including residents and interns), and other researchers currently in training positions are eligible for these awards. Eligible applicants must be employed by, or affiliated with, an eligible organization. Examples of eligible organizations include academia, biotechnology companies, foundations, government and non-governmental organizations, and research institutes.


Submission Review:

The deadline for the applications is June 18, 2021.


Information for applicants


Applications for the 2021 Michelson Prizes will be accepted from April 1, 2021 — June 18, 2021.


How to Apply:

To begin your application, you’ll need to register for a SurveyMonkeyApply account. Please click the link for more information. Once you have registered, please save your login information; you will be able to save your application and edit it until you press the “Submit” button.


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