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Job Opportunity: Scientist I, Ikena Oncology, Boston, MA

Posted by on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 in Job Opportunities .

Scientist I

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About Ikena
Ikena Oncology (NASDAQ: IKNA) is a targeted oncology company focused on developing cancer therapies targeting key signaling pathways that drive the formation and spread of cancer. Ikena is advancing five programs that include four product candidates in either clinical development or IND-enabling studies and has a global strategic collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb.

Role Description
We are seeking a highly talented cancer biologist to contribute to progressing our early discovery projects. He/she would join an innovative, scientifically rigorous and fast paced team focused on developing breakthrough cancer therapies. The successful candidate will bring a sense of urgency and commitment to help Ikena Oncology reach its potential and deliver novel patient-directed therapeutics to patients.


  • Design, establish and execute cellular assays to support medicinal chemistry and lead optimization
  • Measure target engagement, pathway modulation and cellular phenotypic changes
  • Determine potential off target liabilities and resistance mechanisms
  • Identify beneficial drug combinations
  • Define mechanism of action for compounds and contribute to the identification of pharmacodynamic markers
  • Independently conduct, optimize and troubleshoot cellular assays
  • Proactively employ a breadth of cell and molecular biology techniques such as western blot, IF, FACS and cell line engineering
  • Provide interpretation and analysis of results with clear communication in cross-functional project team meetings highlighting implications for the broader program
  • Proactively review literature to bring in the newest scientific findings, ideas, and methods/ technologies for discovery research


  • PhD in Biology, Pharmacology, Biomedical Sciences and 2 years of post-doctoral experience or Master’s degree with at least 8 years of relevant experience in a biotechnology or pharmaceutical company
  • A passion for designing and executing lab experiments to generate impactful data and specifically test scientific hypotheses
  • Demonstrated experience developing, trouble shooting and running cell-based assays, including endpoint (viability, apoptosis), phenotypic (live cell), and protein quantification assays (Western Blot, ELISA), RNA analysis
  • Skilled in developing genetically engineered cell lines using lentiviruses and using genetic approaches such as CRISPR knockout/in and RNAi for target validation
  • Proven solid skill set in cancer biology techniques, experience with in vitro and in vivo pharmacological assessment of small molecules
  • Work collaboratively within a dynamic matrix environment, with strong contribution to project strategies and progression
  • Demonstrated ability to implement new techniques, independently analyze and interpret experimental data, lead or participate in productive discussion with peers, and conduct multiple laboratory tasks efficiently
  • Eager to deepen the understanding of the small molecule drug discovery process and will work with urgency to get new therapies to patients
  • Attention to detail and proven track record in handling, analyzing and recording experimental data, and presenting results to project teams

Personal attributes: team oriented, goal-driven, organized, highly collaborative, open-minded, data-driven, creative, persistent in the face of obstacles and uncertainty, flexible, self-aware of strengths and weaknesses, objective in the evaluation of data and strongly optimistic about overcoming challenges.

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